What has changed?


There were some questions to alter the frequency resolution. Sorry to say: No chance at all.
In this operating mode Perseus delivers 8192 samples per block. So you can perform a 4096-FFT, and the resolution can't be more than 40000kHz/4096=9,765625kHz.

Nico must change the firmware to bring the frequency resolution to higher values :-)

This is an evening/weekend project, so changes will occur slowly (pray for bad weather :-) ).

08. Jun 2009 Version 1.0

09. Jun 2009 Version 1.1

- Save settings to Ini-File when application is closed
- Time-Scale adjusted due to FramesPerSecond
- Start application without Perseus-Receiver to test the capabilities,
  Dummy-Spectrum is white noise, to start in test-mode:
  supply the startup-parameter DEBUG to the appliation

11. Jun 2009 Version 1.1b

- Bug removed: Program won't start until the Attenuation was changed
- Save settings only after a change
- Level-Scale adjusted

18. Jun 2009 Version 2.0

- Sliders Min/Range: Bug removed, direction corrected
- Checkboxes for Dithering and PreAmp added
- Averaging added
- Scanning:

  Fast scan: 1 to 100 frames/second (Timer driven, maximum depends on your
                  hardware (Processor, Graphic Card)). The timing is not precise
                  if FPS is above 20, i tried to provide a precision timer but
                  cancelled it due to system load.

  Slow scan: Scaninterval from 1 to 60 seconds per line (Timer driven, precise)

  Perseus sync: High speed scanning. Try it with a small size of the program
                  window, you can reach very high FPS-values!

- Button "Clear Display" added
- Button "Display->Clipboard" added
- Button "Gridlines" added
- Operation without Perseus-Hardware: Execute "perseusanalyzer.exe debug"
- Dummy-Spectrum (in debug mode) is now at about 10.45MHz with -35dBm
- and white noise of -80dBm (FFT-Expo: 12)
- Recording and Playback of complete spectrum added. Datarate to disk is 16392 byte per line

19. Jun 2009 Version 2.01

- Under certain circumstances occurs a "division by zero"-error
  from the log10 function: Workaround done.

27. Jun 2009 Version 2.02

- Bug in timecontrol (slow/fast/sync) fixed

7. Jul 2009 AFC Version 1.0 released

11. Jul 2009 AFC Version 1.1

- Bug fixed: AFC works now with all Versions of Perseus-Software.

12. Jul 2009 AFC Version 1.1b

- Bug fixed: Wrong setup if Ini-File is not present

14. Jul 2009 AFC Version 2.0

- Set frequency, bandwidth and demodulator from stationlist

17. Jul 2009 AFC Version 2.01

- Bandwidth and Demodulator settings: bug fixed
- Save "Autohide" to Ini-File

17. Jul 2009 Perseus SpectrumAnalyzer Version 2.1

- Frequency- and level-offset for converter operation added
- Details will be found in the "readme" in the zip-file

08. Aug 2009 AFC Version 2.1

- Save/load stations to/from various files

08. Aug 2009 Perseus SpectrumAnalyzer Version 2.2

- Operation with offsets inverted or non inverted

11. Mar 2010 Perseus SpectrumAnalyzer Version 2.3

- Workaround done, will run with all versions of Perseus-Software>

18. Feb 2011 AFC Version 3.0

- AFC now uses VCom to set Frequency.
- Perseus Software Version 3 and higher allows to set the
- NF-bandwidth over VCom, lower Versions will not set Bandwidth.