Perseus Spectrum Analyzer

You have purchased a Perseus-Receiver, so you know about HFSpan.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an additional Waterfall-Display?
Here it is. I spent some time in dealing with the SDRDK and here you can see the result

Version 2.3 is out, updated for Perseus-Software V21i.


Fast scan: 1 to 100 frames/second (Timer driven, maximum depends on your
                hardware (Processor, Graphic Card)).
                Slow scan: Scaninterval from 1 to 60 seconds per line
                Perseus sync: High speed scanning.
Recording and Playback of complete spectrum.
Copy Display to Clipboard

Timecontrol: bug fixed:
changing the scan mode is disabled while scan is active

New: Optional setting of frequency- and level-offset for converter operation, inverted/non inverted
        For those who don't need offsets: Set the "Enabled"-entry in the ini file to zero

More details will be found in the "ReadMe" in the Zip-File.